Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Early Life

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was bron on january 1928 in larkana. His father Name Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto and Mother is Khursheed Begum. Bhutto Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Was a 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan and he also the founder of Pakistan people party .He wa prime minster of Pakistan from 1973 T0 1977.He was born in modern day sindh. He was educated from California,Berkeley and the University of Oxford.

Political career

Bhutto became the youngest member of the Pakistani delegation to the United Nations. Bhutto became Pakistan’s youngest cabinet minister after President Iskander Mirza took over the reins of the Ministry of Commerce.In 1960, he was also take Minister of Water and Power, Communications and Industry   He was also Member of President Iskander Mirza’s cabinet. He was also assigned different ministries in the government of President Ayub Khan’s military rule from 1958.Appointed Foreign Minister in 1963, Bhutto was a proponent of Operation Gibraltar in Kashmir, leading to war with India in 1965. After the Tashkent Agreement ended malevolence, Bhutto fell out with Ayub Khan and was sacked from government. In 1967, he founded the Pakistan people party.

Election 1970

In 1970, President Yahya Khan contested the general elections.In the election of 1970 , Awami League won a majority form east pakistan but in west pakistan Awami League not won any seat.Onther hand pakistan people party won a majority from west pakistan but in east pakistan not won any seat. Both parties were unable to agree on a new constitution, especially on the Six Point Movement, which many in West Pakistan saw as a way to break up the country. Subsequent uprisings led to the secession of Bangladesh, and Pakistan lost the war against Bangladesh-affiliated India in 1971.

Bhutto Government

Bhutto was given the presidency in December 1971 and an emergency rule was imposed. In july 1972, After signing the Shimla Agreement, Bhutto released 43,600 prisoners of war and 5,000 square miles of Indian-occupied territory. He built up ties with China and Saudi Arabia. He also accepted Bangladesh as country. In 1974 , he also hosted second Organization of the Islamic conference in Lahore in 1974.

Locally, under Bhutto, in 1973, parliament unanimously approved a new constitution, appointing Fazlullah Chaudhry as president and appointing a new prime minister. He also played a key role in launching the country’s nuclear program. However, Bhutto’s nationalization of many of Pakistan’s industries, healthcare and educational institutions led to economic stability. Unrest erupted in Balochistan after the overthrow of the provincial feudal governments. Bhutto also ordered an army operation in the province in 1973, which killed thousands of civilians.

In 1977, the Pakistan people party won the parliamentary election with wide margin. However, the opposition accused the vote of rigging, and violence escalated across the country. In July of the same year, Bhutto was ousted by his appointed army chief, Zia-ul-Haq, in a military coup, before a controversial trial and the assassination of a political opponent by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He was executed in 1979 on charges of incompetence.