Imran khan

Imran khan

Imran khan full name is Imran Ahmed khan Niazi. Imran khan was born in Lahore at October 5 1952.imran khan is the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.Imran khan was a international cricketer and captain of the Pakistan nation team.

Cricket Career

He started playing cricket at age 13, and made his debut for the Pakistan national cricket team at age 18, during a 1971 Test series against England. After getting graduation from Oxford. He made his debut in Pakistan 1976 and play until 1992.He also served 10  year  as  the team’s captain from 1982 to 1992.He was a captain of  win team. Imran khan was a captian of Pakistan cricket team in 1992 cricket world cup. Pakistan team only one ODI cricket world in the captain of Imran Khan. The Pakistan Most successful ODI Captain is Imran khan, one of the best all-rounder has more than 500 wicket-takers and 7000 plus runs. Imran Khan was the leader of the Pakistani team responsible for world cup victory in 1992 in Australia. In Test career, Imran khan made is total run 3807 and get 362 wickets. In ODI Career,Imran khan made is total run 3709 and get 182 wickets. Imran khan highest run in test match is 136 and ODI match highest run is 102*.He is the second best all-rounder After Garry Sobers. After retired, he faced scandal because he admitting to tampering with the ball with a bottle top in his youth. He also become a coach in Pakistan’s domestic cricket circuit.

Imran khan’s Nation Awards

Imran khan got captain of the Pakistan National Cricket team on three occasions. In 1992 imran khan’s team won the world cup. This  first and only time the Pakistan team has won this competition.For this performance Imran khan received the Hilal-e-Imtiaz. He received another award the second highest civilian by Government of Pakistan. He also received the president’s pride of performance award by government of Pakistan in 1983.

Imran Khan’s International Awards

Prime Minister Khan received Bahrain’s highest civil award On 16 December 2019 by Bahrain government.

Sporting Awards


  • International Cricket Council Hall of Fame(2010)
  • International Cricket Council Hall of Fame, Centennial Year celebrations(2004)
  • Indian Cricket Cricketer of the Year. (1990)
  • Sussex Cricket Society Player of the Year. (1985)
  • Wisden Cricketer of the Year (1983).
  • By ESPNcricinfo, the world’s second-best all-rounder after Garry Sobers.
  • By BBC One of the finest fast bowlers cricket has ever seen.

Imran Family’s Figures


Imran khan’s Father name is Ikramullah Khan Niazi. khan’s Father was born in Mianwali on 24 April 1992.Ikramullah Khan Niazi was a civil engineer and his wife Khan’s parents were moderate and practicing Muslims. Shaukat Khanum. Ikramullah khan Niazi wasdi3ed faithful promoter of the Pakistan movement during the days of the british gornment. Ikramullah Khan Niazi was graduated from the Imperial College London in 1946.Khan’s Father worked in the Pakistan public works department. Ikramullah khan Niazi also worked as a board member of the shaukat khanum memorial cancer hospital & Research centre was founded by Imran khan. He died on 19 march 2008 at the age of 85 from pneumonia.He is buried at the family’s hereditary graveyard in Mianwali city.


Khan’s mother name is shaukat khanum and her husband Ikramullah Khan Niazi. She was born in Jalandhar in subcontinent. He praise his mother as having played a powerfully authoritative role in his raising. She died in 1985 due to cancer.khan motivated to build a cancer hospital in Pakistan due to mother died by cancer.


Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi has four sisters and sister name is Rani Khanum, Uzma Khanum, Rubina Khanum, Aleema Khanum. Rubian khanum is elder sister of Imran khan and Rubian khanun also student of the London School of Economics.she also held a senior post with the united nation.Aleema Khanum is an business man and founder of a Lahore-based textile buying house.she also graduated from the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 1989. Her textile buying house has served textile retailers and agents across the world, and maintains representative offices in karachi and New York.Aleema khanum is member of shaukat khanum hosbital as maketing directo.she is also a member of the board of the Imran khan foundation and Namal Education Foundation.Uzma khanum is a qualified surgeon based in Lahore.Rani Khanum is a university graduate who coordinates charity activities .khan’s first wife jemima accepted the support that received form his sister while live together in Lahore.

Patrilineal family

Khan’s family belong to the Niazi Pashtun tribe. khan’s family long settled in northwestern Punjab city of Mianwali. Khan’s family and Niazi had come to the subcontined in fifteenth century. Imran point out Haibat Khan Niazi as a paternal ancestor.Haibat khan Niazi was a military general of sher shah suri at sixteenth century and later governor of Punjab.Khan’s family mainly speak saraki. According to khan that his family network is very storng even he say,we kown third cousins each other.


Imran khan’s paternal grandfather name is Azeem khan Niazi.He was a Physician. Khan’s Ancestral haveli is located in Shermankhel Mohallah, Mianwali and known as Azeem is spread over an area of ten kanals. Paternal Grandfather, grandmother, even his father are buried in family’s ancestral graveyard.


Azeem Khan Niazi had four son and their name are Ikramullah Khan Niazi, Amanullah Khan Niazi, Zafarullah Khan Niazi, Faizullah Khan Niazi.khan’s uncle Amanullah khan Niazi was a lawyer and politician who was a senior member of the Muslin league.khan’s uncle Zafarullah Khan Niazi was  a businessman.khan’s uncle and his father previously resided in the havevli. Now this property under control khan’s cousin,Inamullah Niazi.


Khan’s cousins Inamullah Niazi a politician and former member of parliament and he also member of Pakistan Muslim league (N). He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) from Constituency PP-38 (Mianwali) in 1993 Pakistani general election. He received 14,793 votes and defeated an independent candidate. He was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan as a candidate of PML-N from Constituency NA-54 (Mianwali-II) in 1997 Pakistani general election. He received 53,861 votes and defeated Humair Hayat Khan Rokhri. In 2013, he join the party of Imran khan (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf).But he later rejoind the Pakistan Muslin league(N) due to some dispute over election ticket distributions. Hafizullah Niazi is also Imran Khan’s bother-in-law, by cousin marriage to Imran khan sister. Imran’s two cousins also member of Punjab provincial assembly. Abdul Hafeez Niazi is a politician and former member of Punjab provincial assembly. Najeebullah khan Naizi is a politician and also former member Punjab provincial assembly.

Many member of khan’s tribe, and his cousins have been traditional supporters of the PML-N, after khan founded his own party. The news noticed that khan’s family home functional work as local office for the PMN-N. Inamullah was  unhappy to not given an election ticket from the PTI. Due to Inamullah, His brother heavily criticise Him on the media. Another cousin Saeedullah khan Niazi was the president of the PTI in Punjab.